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Community Announcements

A place for updates and information from the Sonatype Community team. New to the Community? Start here.

Nexus Repository Manager

Ask questions and follow discussions about Nexus Repository Manager.

Nexus Lifecycle & Firewall

Ask questions and follow discussions about products powered by Nexus IQ Server: Nexus Lifecycle, Nexus Firewall, Infrastructure as Code Pack, Advanced Development Pack, & Advanced Legal Pack.

Sonatype Lift

Ask questions and follow discussions about Sonatype Lift. Learn more about Sonatype Lift.


The DepShield Community Category is a place to discuss all aspects of Sonatype DepShield and provide feedback to the team about the DepShield experience. To learn more about DepShield, navigate to the DepShield Website.

Elevate - Sonatype User Conference

A place to discuss Elevate, a Sonatype user event that is a free, live, and online conference available to DevSecOps practitioners and managers interested in understanding how repository managers and automated governance function as part of a DevOps pipeline. Learn more about Elevate.

Office Hours

Attend a recent Office Hours call? Post follow-up questions and continue discussions here.

News & Views

A place to share and discuss news and insights with the Sonatype Community.

Sonatype Exchange

A place where Community-developed plugins, examples, and documentation can be shared for the whole world to use and enjoy! Learn more.

Sonatype Learn

A place to discuss Sonatype Learn courses and Learning Paths. Explore our free online course catalog or embark on a Learning Path at

What Are You Working On

Share what you’re building with the Community and get inspired by others.