Offline Nexus Repository Manager

I would like to implement Nexus Repository Manager with two servers.( offline and online) One that connected to the internet and download updates. The second one installed in an internal network without access to the internet. I will download needed updates and move them to offline server.
How I can implement that?

You can read this as a general idea.

It will be easier if you use hard disk that is able to connect to both server, and that hard disk will store the data as a bridge between both the server to sync the data faster since only deltas will be transferred.

Online: Run backup database task, sync blob from online local with hard disk.

Offline: Restore database, sync blob from hard disk to offline local.

Make it into a script and automate the process.

I have two separate environment it is why i need two different servers.
If i understood i can install one machine online and after that i can download backup file and restore it on offline machine ?

Yes. You need to backup the database, and blobs. Move it to offline machine, then “restore” it.