Update Your IQ Server License Threat Groups

Hi all, here are the latest LTG mappings:
ltgs_20220210.csv (54.1 KB)

@dgriffin Is this the most recent version of licenses? I noticed the list that you have here is about 100 licenses less. I currently have 1931 on our end but the list in “ltgs_20220210.csv” just has 1843? Also, how can we make use of this capability if we have custom defined threat groups?

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Hi all, sorry it’s been a while since I posted a mapping. Here is the latest mappings:
license_threat_groups_12062022.csv (57.0 KB)

Hi all, new year, new mapping. Here is the latest as of 12/29/2022:
license_threat_groups_12292022.csv (58.1 KB)

Do you have a change log for this file?

Hi all, updated version of the LTG updater that will work with N-level organizations (IQ 156). It will also continue to work with previous versions as well.

ltg-updater-1.0.2.jar (7.9 MB)

Hi all,

Latest license mappings can be found here 06/28/2023:
license_threat_groups_06282023.csv (64.0 KB)

Hi all,

Latest license mappings can be found here 07/23/2023
license_threat_groups_09272023.csv (66.5 KB)

Quick question, is it by mistake that the CSV now contains a header row. As far as I can tell, all previous updates did not contain a header row.

I think I just forgot to remove the header row last time. It was my first time running the update since taking over from Dariush.

I appreciate getting regular updates for license threat groups. However, I am wondering if releasing these updates in a community thread is a proper solution. Of course one can collect all information needed by reading through this thread - but don’t you think there might be a better, more official distribution method of the update and the tool needed to integrate it?


Hi all,

Latest license mappings can be found here 02/28/2024
license_threat_groups_02012024.csv (69.5 KB)

Thanks, we will compare the list with our own configurations

Hello everyone!

The latest license mappings from 2024/03/29 are attached
license_threat_groups_03292024.csv (71.3 KB)