3rd party jars need custom pom

When I upload a third-party jar file to my hosted maven repo, I have the option to have Nexus create the pom for the jar file. The problem is, I need to edit/customize that pom. I need all of the dependencies listed in that pom so I don’t have to add their dependencies to my project’s pom. First, will that work? Haven’t tried it yet because I can’t figure a way to edit the pom. I might try by editing the pom in my local .m2 repo but that still won’t let me customize the pom stored in the Nexus repo.

I didn’t see a way to upload my own custom pom when adding the components, either. What’s the best way to handle this?

Use the deploy:deploy-file goal in Maven to deploy the jar and custom pom file:


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Thanks! I’ll do that.