A Blueprint for Success: Best Practices in Sonatype Learn

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We are excited to share 13 new best practices lessons in Sonatype Learn! Our Customer Education team crafted these lessons to provide you with comprehensive insights and strategies to optimize your use of the Sonatype platform. Dive into our newly released lessons to enhance your knowledge, and achieve greater success with Sonatype.

What’s New?

Best Practices Lessons: These new, concise lessons ensure you follow industry standards and proven techniques.

  • Backup and Restore IQ Server - Prepare a reliable backup and restore strategy for Sonatype IQ Server when you need it most.
  • Continuous Monitoring - Get insights about your application’s security and health with daily, automatic scans of your deployed applications.
  • Custom Policies - Learn some best practices about making and using custom policies in Sonatype Lifecycle and Repository Firewall.
  • Dependency Confusion Protection - Get to know good practices using this key Repository Firewall feature, to safeguard against critical, low-effort attack vectors.
  • Legacy Violations - Use legacy violations in Sonatype Lifecycle to give developers a “grace period” for pre-existing violations.
  • Nexus Repository Administration - Discover insights for administering your Nexus Repository instance to enhance speed, stability, ease of use, and security.
  • Onboarding Applications - “Onboarding” is the process of adding new applications to Lifecycle or Repository Firewall. Learn some best practices for onboarding applications easily and effectively.
  • Policy Compliant Component Selection - Learn about this Firewall feature that prevents unnecessary development disruption.
  • Policy Enforcement - Understand automated enforcement to manage your software supply chain—core functionality for Sonatype Lifecycle and Repository Firewall.
  • Reference Policies - Leverage pre-made policies for out-of-the-box protection in Lifecycle and Firewall.
  • Shadow Downloads - Prevent authorized third-party components from entering your organization by enforcing the best use of tools and systems to maintain security and visibility.
  • Waivers - Follow key workflows to manage expectations for violations in Lifecycle and Firewall.
  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities - Empower yourself to address your team on newly discovered vulnerabilities that demand immediate attention.

Why Best Practices?

These lessons aim to:

  • save you time and effort by reducing learning curves and achieving your goals efficiently
  • allow you to benefit from experienced insights so you can navigate obstacles confidently
  • provide you with adaptable guidelines to build a foundation for your growth and long-term success

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