A New Home for Sonatype Ideas

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Sonatype’s new customer-centric Product Feedback process and Ideas portal, ideas.sonatype.com.

We’ve always been impressed by the Sonatype Community and its dedication to providing feedback to us, particularly when it comes to ideas for new features and functionality.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked to improve the product feedback process, making it easier for you to submit feature requests and to gather your ideas in one, centralized location.

With a renewed focus on creating a more timely and transparent dialogue between Sonatype and our customers, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for customers who choose to share their ideas with us.

What’s New?

  • In the past, there have been multiple methods for submitting a feature request to Sonatype, including here in the Sonatype Community.
  • Starting December 7th, Sonatype customers can submit and track feature requests in one, centralized portal at ideas.sonatype.com. This will be the only method for submitting feature requests.
  • To access the Sonatype Ideas portal, you will need to be a Sonatype customer with a verified license and have created an Organization at my.sonatype.com. If you are not sure if you have done this or need instructions on how to do this, watch this short video to learn more.
  • Once signed in via your my.sonatype.com account, you’ll be able to submit a new idea, track the progress of previously submitted ideas, and comment and vote on ideas.
  • All existing feature requests that have been submitted via the Sonatype Community have been consolidated into this portal. If you cannot find one of your past ideas, please let us know by adding a comment to the thread below and we’d be happy to assist further.
  • Learn more about how to submit ideas, track ideas, and more in our Knowledge Base.
  • Or, watch this short video for more information on the Ideas portal.

Our Commitment to Customer Feedback

  • After submitting a feature request at ideas.sonatype.com, you can expect a response to your request from our Product team.
  • We are committed to responding to any new feature requests within 14 days.
  • Your feedback is incredibly important to us. While we wish we could implement all ideas, implementation will be based on votes received in the portal as well as alignment with Sonatype’s core initiatives.
  • If you see an idea from another community member that resonates with you, feel free to show your support by voting! If you are inspired to comment, please honor the following guidelines:
    • Expect Discourse - we hope that our public collection of ideas inspires you to agree, disagree, vote, and comment as you browse. Because your ideas are public to all, it is likely someone might have a comment about your suggestion. Be prepared for a potential discussion to be initiated, but do not feel obligated to respond.
    • Be Kind - while agreements with others will likely occur, it is also likely that there will be disagreements. Please show consideration for your fellow users, even when they do not have the same opinion as you and refrain from any derogatory or antagonistic commentary.
    • Commit to the Greater Picture - your ideas contribute to something greater than all of us: the future. While it can be tempting to want to have your vision implemented in a specific way, we’d like to remind you that you are fueling the power of potential for all of us (and that’s pretty amazing!) We encourage you to let go of the finite details of your submission for the sake of the greater whole.
    • Respect Every Person - our diversity is our strength: it’s okay to have different mindsets, theories, and approaches. Be sure to remember this while choosing your words in this new forum.
    • Embrace Co-Creation - some of the greatest innovations of our time have come through collaboration. Let’s allow our individual contributions to be shaped by the collective with an attitude of generosity and goodwill.

Other Feedback

Not all feedback comes in the form of a feature request. If you uncover a bug or need technical support, licensed users of Sonatype products can submit a request at support.sonatype.com.

We also encourage you to ask questions in the many categories available in the Sonatype Community.

We look forward to hearing from you about how we can make our products more useful, usable, and impactful for our customers and how this new feedback process is working for you.