About the What Are You Working On category

Share what you’re building with the Community and get inspired by others.

We want to hear from you!

We think Sonatype is pretty unique and awesome, but appreciate there are a ton of great teams out there as well.

To get you started, here’s a little about us…

For example, did you know we’re a completely remote company (we’re hiring by the way!)? How do your teams work together (remote, traditional location, or something entirely different)?

We also have a rich heritage in open source, and most of our employees are actively involved in open source projects. Because of that, we try to work in the open as much as possible. Are members of your team contributing to the open source community? If so tell us, if not, maybe there’s a project we can point you to.

Regardless of your answer(s), check out this category for some of the interesting things we’re working on, but be sure introduce yourself, and tell us about the cool things you’re building.

Even if you have questions about Sonatype or how we manage to work as a fully remote company, ask away and we’ll do our best to answer.