Accessing nexus api endpoints from rvm installed ruby

I am using nexus OSS 3.14.0-04 and have configured a ruby gem repository to proxy gems.
I have set my gem source to point at the server where nexus is running.

I installed RVM and installed ruby 2.3.8 with its own clean rubygems and want to start installing gems that are cached on nexus

When I do a gem install with the verbose flag I can see that it tries to access that repo but using what I believe is the API ? (Not quite sure)

HEAD myrepo:8081/repository/rubygems/api/v1/dependencies

But I couldn’t find the dependencies endpoint on nexus

Assuming this is the case, how do I tell gem to access nexus using the right API, so that I can start installing gems from nexus


Are the dependancies not installing?
I believe that is all under the hood so not exposed, but I could be wrong.
If the dependancies show up in your search/browse and everything is installing cleanly, I think it’s working right.
I may be not understanding your need.