Accessing Nexus with Conan Artifactory via proxy results in 404

Hi @all,

I am using Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerOSS 3.31.1-01 and created a Conan proxy Artifactory. The connection is established and I can see my packages in the Conan Artifactory via Nexus UI.
Also ‘conan search PACKAGE -r=nexus’ via CLI is showing me the packages in the Artifactory. But when I am trying to upload another package via CLI, e.g.: ‘conan upload hello/0.1 -r=nexus --all’ I get the following error:
Is this because the conan upload functionality is not yet provided for Conan proxy or could there be another reason?

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Proxy repositories don’t handle uploads. You want a hosted repository for that. I don’t believe the hosted Conan repository type is available yet.


Thank you for the clarification. Hopefully it will be implemented soon. :smiley: