Add API for waive dependency confusion on Repository Result

We want a new API which could be used to waive the dependency confusion on Repository Result
the sample report link:

This is used to manage the quarantined items from public repo artifacts download in Nexus
it take us much time to waive the component in the UI as there is no api which could be used.

There is an API to create waivers: Policy Waiver REST API - v2
This will not change the quarantine state though since it requires someone to ‘release from quarantine’, an explict action since we want to be sure people understand the impact.

There is an API to combine the waiving and release from quarantine if you’re confident it will not be misused: Release Component from Quarantine REST API - v2

Hi Jamie,
Regarding to create waivers [Policy Waiver REST API - v2]

how could i use this to create waiver for quaranined item in repository?

when i try to call it with repository id,
it show :Invalid owner type: repository