Admin user unauthorized after password change


I’m trying to automate our nexus 3.19.1 setup using the new REST api’s to change admin user password, but I can’t get this to work.
After performing a successful PUT to service/rest/beta/security/users/admin/change-password I only get ‘401 Unauthorized’ on subsequent calls to GET service/rest/beta/security/users.

If I use the service/rest/v1/script api everything works as expected.

I have some debug info but I can’t upload files since I’m a new user in the community… :slight_smile:


You can share debug information with us by raising an issue in the “dev - nexus” project at

Tanks Rich

I have created, but it may be in the wrong project…


Ah, it should be in ‘dev - nexus’…

I commented in th issue and created


The problem was that my request payload where json formated…