Announcing Nexus Repository Manager 3.19.0

In this release we bring you support for two new formats: Conda and CocoaPods, performance improvements to S3 storage, support for foreign layers in Docker, new REST API endpoints and more!

Check our release notes for a full list of fixes and improvements.

Sonatype’s NXRM Team


Good to see the new features piling on in!

Do the new format types support HA-C installs? (Asking as Go & APT explicitly said they didn’t yet - would also be good to get an ETA as to when they will :slight_smile:)

Also, assuming that Go/APT etc still don’t support HA-C installs, Nexus Platform Language & Package Support | Sonatype provides no indication to HA-C customers as to what formats are expected to work or not so would be good to get that updated to make it clear.

No, unfortunately we didn’t enable those formats in HA-C installations yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience finding relevant documentation. Those limitation are noted on each format’s sub-page: Formats