Anyone having problem with fetching the identifiers from Nexus3 on rundeck?

With the api change on nexus3, I try to solve the problem by usingnexus3-rundeck-plugin(Plugin does not work with groups · Issue #8 · nongfenqi/nexus3-rundeck-plugin · GitHub). With this plugin, I am able to fetch the version but not the identifier. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem or know the work arounds.

Sharing in case this helps. I noticed a post in the community discussing Rundeck. If you didnt see it check it out to see if helps, Nexus Repository 3 - Rundeck Plugin. There is a contact/owner of the integration listed. If you contact them perhaps they can help?

Hi Jerry,

Thanks! Unfortunately, I’ve tried contacting the owner by using the given email but haven’t heard back from him yet :frowning: