API to enable Automatic application creation


How do I use it?
As part of automation, we use your CLI command (pasted below) to initiate scan.

java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar …/nexus-cli/nexus-cli.jar -i $APP_ID -s $NEXUS_SERVER_URL -a admin:admin123 -t release $TARGET/ -r $TARGET/nexus_results.json

Where do I get this?

The CLI should be able to create above $APP_ID in nexus IQ. For this to work, we need to enable “Automatic Applications” flag under settings in UI. In production we use K8S as deployment medium to host nexus IQ servers and K8S choose to shutdown/restart these servers on various nodes based on load and other characteristics. So whenever K8S choose to create new instance of Nexus IQ, we will have new side car process which gets deployed along with Nexus IQ and our custom logic inside side car will invoke peer nexus IQ server to enable this feature. We also use same mechanism to deploy Nexus IQ preset rules, adding/updating users etc without any manual intervention

Who can I contact about it?
Megha Dixit - mdixit@salesforce.com


You can use the POST verb in the Application REST API as part of your automation to create the application in Nexus IQ before invoking the CLI. You do not need to enable “Automatic Applications” doing it via this API.