API to get all Waivers (Application & Repository)


i have seen in the new Version the possibility, to show all waiver in the new dashboard and to export these waivers as CSV.

Our Security-Team want to load this data over an API with a nightly batch.
Is there a API to get the same data as we get out of the export?

When not, can you create something like this in a future release?
I think everything needed should be there :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you can get what you need with multiple API calls. See the GET for Policy Waiver REST API - v2. You may need to make a call per ownerType.


we have a 4-digit number of projects, which would make querying the waivers of each application very time consuming.
Is there a hard link to the export that would be called from the UI?

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You don’t have to query per application. The policy waiver rest API allows querying by organization, repository, and repository_container as well.