Approaches to onboarding applications to IQ Server

Our Technical Content team has been busy crafting new assets designed to help you get the most out of your Nexus Platform implementation.

One of these assets is a new technical guide that explores approaches to onboarding applications to IQ Server.

The first phase of a Nexus Lifecycle deployment includes the discovery of total organizational risk by building an inventory of your open source components used in all your applications. This most often starts with scanning applications during an automated CI build but can be done manually by scanning applications through the UI or with the Command Line Scanner, CLI.

These applications will need to be added to the IQ Server in order to have the correct policy applied and enable the correct access controls to the final report. The strategy for which method of onboarding you choose is a factor of the overall number of applications to be onboarded along with any limitations to report access required by the organization.

This guide explores some common examples.

What has your experience been with onboarding applications to IQ Server? Have you used any particular scripts for automation? Let us know in the thread below :arrow_down_small: