Apt hosted repository distribution configuration

I’ve configured a hosted apt repository in nexus 3.22 and I’m having trouble configuring the hosted apt repo to support multiple distributions.

When configuring a proxy apt repo, I’ve included a list of the distributions separated by spaces:
bionic bionic-updates bionic-backports bionic-security xenial xenial-updates xenial-backports xenial-security

This works fine and the metadata in the repository shows which distributions have been proxied.

I can’t seem to setup the same functionality with a hosted apt repository. If put a single distribution into the list, it works fine, but i have separate debs for xenial and for bionic that I want to be able to have in the same repository. When I enter “bionic xenial”, the metadata distrib includes the space once a debian is uploaded, and the sources reference to retrieve the deb needs to have a space in the definition in /etc/apt/sources.list.

I’ve searched and can’t figure out how to configure a hosted apt repo to support multiple distributions.

Can someone explain how to property configure multiple distributions for an apt hosted repository?

Thank you!


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It seems that multiple distributions is currently not supported. I’ve created a ticket for this issue with a possible solution here:


It seems that on github the issue is how to determine which distribution to apply an upload. That could be resolved by either adding a parameter on the POST or add the distribution at the end of the endpoint. If one isn’t included, it will be the default (first in the list) in the repository definition. For a web upload, a pulldown would allow the user to change the default distribution and select any other that is defined.

If you think this is worthwhile, please vote for this feature.

Thank you.

The old ticket has been changed and is related to this ticket…