Apt proxy: Invalid repository path issue repo with space in filename entry


I am running into an issue while trying to proxy an apt repo, specifically the packagecloud.io/varnishcache/varnish41/debian repo
After configuring the proxy in nexus and running apt-get update on a debian client I get the following error:

E: Failed to fetch <nexus_domain>/repository/varnish41/pool/stretch/main/v/varnish (4.1.11-1)/varnish_4.1.11-1~stretch_amd64.deb  400  Invalid repository path

It seems that the cause of my problems is the space in the filename path, which is present in the upstream Packages file:
Filename: pool/stretch/main/v/varnish (4.1.11-1)/varnish_4.1.11-1~stretch_amd64.deb

This seems to work when adding the upstream repo as an apt source, but not when using the nexus mirror (see error above).

If I manually change the cached Packages file for apt on the client, and escape the whitespace in the Filename , apt-get install works with nexus.
eg: Filename: pool/stretch/main/v/varnish\ (4.1.11-1)/varnish_4.1.11-1~stretch_amd64.deb
However, this does not seem like a workable solution that scales.

Does anyone have any suggestions or another solution for this?
All suggestions and help welcome!

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Hi Tom!

Please create an issue in the “dev - nexus” project at https://issues.sonatype.org.

Can you attach a support zip (documented here: https://help.sonatype.com/display/NXRM3/Support+Features#SupportFeatures-CreatingaSupportZIP) after experiencing this?

The team would like to see your full log and configuration. A new ticket should be set to secure by default and the information will not be shared outside of Sonatype.

Kind Regards!