APT repo snapshot not working

Hi folks–
Has anyone successfully used an APT proxy snapshot?
Configuration is OSS 3.38.0-01

My use case is to install Ubuntu from a proxy snapshot.
I am able to install from a proxy that tracks the public Ubuntu repository. But snapshots of that proxy have incomplete metadata and are missing items expected by the installer.
Does anyone know how to get a complete snapshot of the metadata?

Probably this quote from the help documentation is relevant:

A snapshot does NOT contain any binary files. So be ready if the content of the repository changed the snapshot can include some invalid metadata.

The attached document also tells “deb main” only.

But I need jammy-backports, jammy-security, and jammy-updates directories to be part of a snapshot to resolve my issue.

I am not getting any reply to my query.

We have the same problem as reported above with version 3.54.1