Artifacts not being removed from file system after deleting them from the UI and running Compact Blobstore task

We are trying to clean up the artifacts inside our Nexus Repository, to free up disk space on our server. We have come across a couple of issues, and we are unclear as to why they’re happening.

We have already run the Compact Blob Store - which completes really quickly, and does not free up the space.

We recently deleted a repository, and we didn’t see any disk space freed up. We wrote a script to crawl through all the *.properties files, and identified which ones were part of the repository we deleted, and none of them had the attribute delete=true (Which is what the compact blob store looks for to delete). This deleted repository is eating up to 70GB of space, and we have no way of freeing up that space now.

We are also seeing similar behaviors when we delete specific versions of artifacts. We have a script that calls the rest API to delete a component, and even though the component no loner shows up in the UI, the artifacts still exist on disk in the blob store - and do not contain the delete=true attribute inside the *.properties files. If we run the task “Reconcile the database - rebuild the database from the blob store” all those artifacts show back up inside the UI.

Has anyone seen these behaviors before? We’re running 3.15.1-01.

Deleted repositories are cleaned up asynchronously with a background task, depending on how recently you removed it that task may still be running.

Alternatively there have been some instances where the trigger for that task broke for unknown reasons, in more recent versions of Nexus the system task is re-created on startup to avoid the issue - so its possible if you upgrade to a recent version the task may resume.