Assistance upgrading very old Nexus server at version 2.9.2-10

I’ve been tasked to upgrade a very old nexus server at version 2.9.2-10. I am not a developer so I don’t actually use these tools nor do I know how to use them. After some research it looks like I need to upgrade to the latest version of 2.x which is 2.14.19. I found the download files for 2.x but I can’t tell if my old install is the “Pro” version or the free “OSS” version. It’s so old I don’t know if there was a Pro and OSS version back then. My first problem is to determine which version I need to download and then upgrade to.

I’m assuming that once I get to 2.14.19 I can upgrade to 3.x and then I’ll be home free. I should be able to upgrade to later versions of 3.x no problem. One additional question I’d like ask is: If I download the Pro version, how long is the grace period before I have to buy the license? Does the trial license allow me to export the data or upgrade to a newer version? I’d hate to upgrade to the Pro version and then find out the limited capabilities don’t allow me to export the data or to upgrade.

I forgot to mention that I logged in to the Nexus server and checked the “About Nexus” link and still could not determine if this server is Professional or OSS.

Thanks to those who messaged me offline. I checked the POM file as suggested and it clearly states: Sonatype Nexus ™ Open Source Version. Thanks for the tip.