Atlassian Data Center certification for IQ Server for Jira plugin


We would like to install the Nexus IQ for Jira plugin but according to the Atlassian Marketplace page, the plugin is approved by Atlassian for Jira Server, but not yet for Jira Data Center.

This is unfortunately a blocking issue for our internal Atlassian support team since it is a recommendation from Atlassian to not install plugins that have not been explicitly approved for the DC edition.

Is there any way to submit the plugin for approval for DC edition by Atlassian?


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Hi Nicolas,
Thank you for your interest in the Nexus IQ for Jira plugin. We are aware of the Jira Data Center warning message. However, we’d like to verify that we have thoroughly tested the Nexus IQ for Jira plugin with Data Center. Please see our reassurance note under Requirements section here.

Thank you,


We are aware that Sonatype for its part has tested the integration and deems it fully compatible, however from the point of view of teams who maintain Atlassian platforms this may not be enough. Should I take your answer to mean there are no plans to get official approval from Atlassian for DC?