Audit of artifact activity/usage history metadata

Is there any history metadata at the artifact level? Specifically data points like "last artifact pull, count of pulls or usage, etc). The ask is coming from a desire to clean up large repo’s of legacy entries ( but in a surgical way ). So this is different then a “maintenance schedule”…since this would be an occasional or one time “deep clean” of repos.

What we’re finding a common pattern with customers doing ‘catch-up’ removals like this is a combination of:

  1. Conservative policies, gradually becoming more recent over time (e.g. remove everything not used in the last 5 years, then 4.5 years, etc.)
  2. Temporarily holding a subset of backups for a longer period, in case of post-removal regret
  3. Instead of deleting components, using Pro features like staging to move components to somewhere less accessible before final removal
  4. Using cleanup preview to warn teams what will likely get removed soon
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Thank you for the suggestions and response!