August 2023 Learn Package - New to Sonatype Repository Firewall?

Hello, Learners!

Are you new to Sonatype Repository Firewall? Customer Education is pleased to announce the release of new materials for you and your peers who are “New to Firewall.” In this month’s package, you can find two new videos and an Ask Sloan (advice) article. Further, this package includes existing content, such as:

  • updates to our written best practices guide for Firewall
  • a Jumpstart course
  • several Firewall-related videos and advice articles

Video: Best Practices | Firewall Waivers

Inside Repository Firewall, waivers are the mechanism for releasing components from quarantine. Learning how to investigate and grant waivers is the difference between smooth sailing and rough waters.

Video: Configure Custom Firewall Messages | Just Show Me

The new Firewall custom message feature allows you to more effectively communicate with your development team when a component request fails a Firewall policy during the developer’s build or repository fetch request.

Advice: Rough Security Reviews in Roanoke | Ask Sloan

This article discusses expert tips for reducing tension while expediting security reviews and keeping standards high.

Guide (Updated): Sonatype Repository Firewall | Best Practices

This guide includes updated language that addresses recommended policies in the existing best practices for Sonatype Repository Firewall.

Related Content: The following content is already part of the CE portfolio and supports our “New to Firewall” theme for August 2023.

Be sure to check out all of our assets on the Sonatype Learn site and Video Library. Happy learning!