Authentication : sssd / pam

nexus repository manager 3.15.X

Is there a way to use pam/sssd authentification?

The goal is to use multiple authentications systems : one local (unix users accounts) + 2 LDAP.


Hi there!

Nexus Repository Manager supports both LDAP for user authentication and the concept of security Realms. Please see LDAP Integration for information on how to configure LDAP for authentication in Nexus Repository Manager. You are able to have multiple Realms defined, that should help if you need to use more then one LDAP.

Also if you are new to setting up users privileges in Nexus Repository Manager you might want to check out Learning guides for Repository Manager 3 and the online documentation for Security.

Hope this helps!

For the local unix account use case, there isn’t any way to do this directly. But it should be possible to do this by delegating authentication to a front end reverse proxy: