Authentication via Remote User Token

My team is implementing the Nexus, and one of the requirements is to use a reversed proxy to authentication users. Until here it’s all fine, but I have some doubts about:

  • Does Nexus can delegate the user session to this proxy. The proxy will control the login and logoff;
  • Can I disable the login form, so the only login method will be via proxy;
  • Can I include same header on Nexus response, or I have to do that via proxy
  • How long the LDAP Cache is valid?

Hi Matheus,

Thanks for reaching out! I assume you are running a more recent version of Nexus Repository Manager 3. Have you tried using the Remote User Token (RUT) authentication options?

User Authentication and Remote Access Token

In Nexus Repository Manager 3.22 Professional edition, support for SAML2.0 was introduced to help support single sign-on. SAML set up documentation.

Hope this helps, Cheers!