Automated provisioning of nexus

I’m setting up our new development infrastructure on a kubernetes cluster.
I want to have one “button” to completely set up all components without any manual interaction.

For nexus this seems not too easy. Installing nexus using the helm chart is easy, but it looks like all the set up is primarily focused on manual configuration…

I already found the script api which allows things like repository.createMavenHosted to set up a new repository, or the security api to change the password.

Is this really the supposed way to initially provision nexus? (I rather expected some kind of simple config file.)

How do I disable the “wizard” for initial manual changing password on login?


@michael.schnupp Yep, I totally hear that. We’ve been busily adding REST endpoints that are much simpler to use than the Groovy-based Scripting API for exactly this reason.

There’s another batch of endpoints is coming in 3.19 that will address blob store config, licensing, security (users, roles, privileges), LDAP, email config, etc.

To avoid manually changing the password, use the ‘change-password’ REST endpoint (3.17+) instead. Have a look in your Swagger console (‘API’ in the admin nav) for more details.