Azure DevOps - Nexus IQ Policy Summary not loading

I have Azure Pipeline task defined that triggers my nexus IQ scan successfully. But when I attempt access the Nexus IQ Policy Summary, or NexusIQ Build Report I am getting a error:

Nexus IQ for Azure DevOps by Sonatype failed to load.Learn More about this extension, including available support options

I after checking the debug console it seem that I am getting a 404 on a rest call.



Azure DevOps Server 2019 update 1

Nexus IQ for Azure DevOps 1.2.2 extenstion
Nexus IQ Lifecycle release 81
Browsers verified in IE and Chrome

Please provide some help in getting past this error as this feature would add a lot value for the teams using NexusIQ.

@chad.smith sorry to hear you’re having troubles. Please use our (awesome) support team to help solve this: .

Thanks I opened a ticket.

Hi Chad, did you get the issue resolved? we would like to know what to do, we have the same issue

Hi Crispin, I opened up a ticket with support. They have acknowledged the issue but I have not received a fix or a workaround.

I had the same problem today. You need to configure the policies in your organisation or your root organisation (if inheritence is enabled) to ‘warn’ or ‘fail’ at the build stage.
Do this for each policy. then the report will appear in azure devops