Backup best practices when using S3

Hello all,

Let’s assume I have a single EC2 instance running Nexus 3.15 and an associated S3 bucket for my blob store. The root volume of EC2 just holds Nexus and the data directory – no blobs. Also assume that I have setup Nexus such that redeploys are NEVER allowed, and I rarely (if ever) delete artifacts from Nexus.

I’m using AWS Backup for the root volume (daily backup with a week to live). Should I worry about backing up the S3 bucket? Since blobs are artifacts are rarely/never deleted, do S3 backups need to happen? AWS says they take care of data durability, so I’m not worried about losing data (Data protection in Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service). I’d only be worried about S3 not holding the blobs Nexus is looking for, but given that redeploys and deletions are not allowed, my S3 bucket just accumulates blobs, so everything that Nexus would ever want to see is definitely going to be there, correct? Or is there a best practice I’m missing?