BLOB_UPLOAD_INVALID when requesting asset with GET

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded our nexus’s version from nexus-3.23.0-03 to nexus-3.26.1-02 but we found what we think is a bug regarding a https get request.
We used to check docker images creation date stored in nexus repository using this path provided by the nexus UI:

Before upgrading nexus this request used to retrieve the creation date among other metadata regarding to an image, but now we get a BLOB_UPLOAD_INVALID error.

This is due we don’t allow updating images on that repository. That would make sense if I was trying to upload an image but that’s not the case. I’m just trying to get its metadata with a GET, so from my understanding this is a bug.

I tried with the nexus api, but since it does not return any creation date, it doesn’t solve my need.

Thanks for your help.