blobDelete task remains in "Cancelling" status and does not accept stop or delete

The blobDelete (type: Admin-Compact blob store) task that runs daily does not work because the status remains “Cancelling” after June 19th.
I pressed the STOP button of the task, but the status has not changed.
Also, when deleting a task, “Success” is displayed on the screen, but the task is not deleted.

When I try to invalidate a task, “Task can not be edited while it is being executed or it is line to be executed” is displayed and it cannot be invalidated.

When I created a new “type: Admin-Compact blob store” task and ran it, the status changed to “Blocked” and it did not work.
Is there a way to get this task working?

Target Version: Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.18.1-01

We can’t tell what is happening without seeing the logs. You need to post your logs or you can generate a support zip that contains all logs in administration menu and attach it to a ticket in our issue tracker. You can try by first upgrading to the latest version of Nexus Repository Manager. Also, a friendly reminder, the version of NXRM you are running is known to be vulnerable and we recommend upgrading anyway.