BlobStoreException: Connection reset on RAW Proxy Repository

Hi everyone!
I have set up a RAW proxy repository to mirror the contents of
When I try to fetch from the repo via Nexus, it seems like nexus is able to download the file “” just fine.
But then, instead of serving the file to the client, I get this:

2019-10-29 16:38:45,547+0100 WARN [qtp1776827977-427] *UNKNOWN - Failure servicing: GET /artifacts/repository/gradle-distributions/distributions/ BlobId: tmp$71877e64-5416-4cd9-b7f0-ad347d15987d, Connection reset, Cause: Connection reset

The file is also not present when I browse the contents of the repository.
I also tried to get more information by adapting the logger config, but I haven’t found the right logger to pinpoint the problem.

Kind regards,

A connection reset means a TCP RST (reset) packet was received. The connection was terminated outside of Nexus Repo. Check with your firewall /http proxy administrators, the download was likely blocked.

Hi rseddon,
Our Nexus has to fetch data via a company proxy and that proxy is notorious for blocking a lot of things.
And yes, it seems like that proxy is the culprit.

Thank you for this hint!