Browse limit of 300 artifacts

Nexus OSS 3.34.1-01 … I’d love to be able to page through filtered results in Nexus repo browser, but there’s a hard limit of 300 results returned at a time. When every build releases an artifact they tend to build up. It’s inconvenient when I want to find builds in the 1.2.x range. Filtering on version 1.2.* tops out at 300 entries and it forces me to have to search like this: 1.2.1* – that gives me 1, 10’s, 100’s, and 1000’s, and that tops out at 300. Then I have to go 1.2.10*, 1.2.11*, 1.2.12*, etc.

I’ve been digging around trying to find out how to make search return more than 300 values, or to enable some type of paging. I must be doing it wrong.

Any help much appreciated!

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@cgamache1, can you say a bit more about your use case? Is this a piece of automation that’s looking for a specific version in the search results, or something else happening (like this is powering a UI that a human is using)? Imagine that the pagination was unlimited, how would you know when you’ve found the record you care about?

Excellent questions… This is more of an analysis-by-squint, and an “I’ll know it when I see it” scenario. Being able to “browse” the entire list seems reasonable to me. Having it set-up with a hard limit is like visiting your local grocery store, walking to the cereal isle and trying to see how many kinds of cheerios they have on the shelf 3/4 of the way to the end of the aisle while standing at the front. Browsers wanna browse.

And it’s not just versions that fall beyond the hard limit of the browsing function. Let’s say I want to take a stroll through all the org.apache Maven packages I have in my index. I could filter on org.apache.* and I hit a ceiling. I then would have to filter on org.apache.a* then org.apache.b* then org.apache.c* etc.

Thanks for your interest. I hope I’ve made a good case for browsing.

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