Bug in api for creating npm proxy repository with bearerToken

I am using Nexus oss version 3.69.0-02.
I have “npm Bearer Token Realm” set to active.
I am trying to create an npm repo using the following json:

  "name": "npm_proxy",
  "online": true,
  "storage": {
    "blobStoreName": "default",
    "strictContentTypeValidation": false
  "proxy": {
    "remoteUrl": "<REMOTE URL>",
    "contentMaxAge": 0,
    "metadataMaxAge": 0
  "negativeCache": {
    "enabled": false,
    "timeToLive": 1440
  "httpClient": {
    "blocked": false,
    "autoBlock": true,
    "connection": {
      "retries": 2,
      "timeout": 160,
      "enableCircularRedirects": false,
      "enableCookies": false,
      "useTrustStore": true
    "authentication": {
      "type": "bearerToken",
      "bearerToken": "<BEARERTOKEN>"
  "npm": {
    "removeNonCataloged": true,
    "removeQuarantined": true

The API doesn’t seem to be able to create the value for the bearertoken and I get this message:

  "id" : "BearerTokenAuthenticationConfiguration.attributes[httpclient].authentication.bearerToken",
  "message" : "must not be blank"

Is it possible to create an NPM repo with a bearer token using the API?

The npm Bearer Token Realm allows Nexus to accept incoming authentication requests, i.e. for a client using npm login