Bug validation npm semver

my company just upgraded to nexus to 3.43.0-01 but we have problems with some pre-release versions.

When pushing versions with names like this:


it does now return 400.

npm ERR! code E400

npm ERR! 400 Bad Request - PUT [registry-url] - For input string: “1670239525445”

We tested some version names and it does seems to create problems with long series of numbers.

For instance those works:


We have in place a command line utility for generating pre-releases with different hashes (timestamp now) and it worked well with older releases.

But the format:

should be allowed for semver and does not have leading zeroes.

Looks a bug to me.

I believe you ran into - [NEXUS-35486] Unable to Upload npm package with long buildnumber - Sonatype JIRA