Build doesn't find Maven artifact

One module of my Kotlin app doesn’t get build and it seems that Lift ignores one of Maven repo’s defined in my parent pom.xml.

The Maven repo is:

and Lift reports:

[WARNING] The POM for org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-reflect:jar:1.7.0-dev-3303 is missing, no dependency information available

But that artifact in available in the repo when I checked it. Also the same Maven build runs fine as a standalone Github action. So this seems to be Lift specific.

Do I need perhaps to white-list this Maven repo’s somewhere or is there another reason this might fail? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Peter,
Can you share a link to the results where you’re seeing this error?

Sure, this is the link to the build log:
Sonatype Lift -- Console

And this is the GitHub repo GitHub - neurallayer/roboquant: an open source algorithmic trading platform written in Kotlin for anyone serious about algo-trading that Lift is trying to build

Everything looks good on your end. The repository is defined in your pom so it should be able to find it. We’ll dig in a little more and let you know.

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Hi Peter, thanks for your patience. Our build environment use a custom settings.xml to leverage caching of maven components, but it doesn’t address issues with repositories outside of maven central. We have prioritized a task to make this a better experience so users like yourself don’t get this type failure. We’ll update this thread when we resolved the issue.

Thanks for following up!!! Once a solution is in place, if there is anything I can do from testing perspective just let me know.

Hi @neurallayer

Apologies for the long delay on getting back to you on this issue.
We have updated our caching of maven components which now adds the missing repositories you required.
I took the liberty of testing out roboquant and you can see the results here Sonatype Lift -- Console

Hopefully, you should not have any issues going forward.

Thanks again for trying out Sonatype Lift

(note: we will be looking integrate Kotlin into more of our tools so you will start to see more reporting in the future)

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Thanks for getting back and solving this issue, indeed seems to be working fine now and the build completes meaning also the other repo’s are used to get the dependencies.

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