Bundelns switch to installed state and i have 403 response code

Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.29.2-02

Good day Sonatype Community.
I use Sonatype Nexus Repo for store Docker Images, helm chart`s, composer…
Every few days some Bundles change state from “Active” to “Installed” and i have 403 response when i try get some packages (helm, composer, Docker images, etc). After restart The Nexus, Bundles again return to the “Active” state, and works fine.
How fix this issue?


403 indicates a permission issue, if there were a problem with the bundles you’d encounter internal server errors.

After restart, and with the same credentials all works fine. How to debug this problem? For example, i try download composer from my code dependency (get 403 error), and when i try download package from browser i have next error
TypeError: b is not a function (https://nexus.domain.pro/static/rapture/nexus-coreui-plugin-prod.js?_v=3.29.2-02&_e=OSS:1)