Calling PUT method in API will result in connection reset error or

hi everyone,
I have the same situation with the following topic ,this happens when http://NEXUSHOST:8081/service/rest/internal/ui/onboarding/change-admin-password is called .

then I called GET and POST methods in http://NEXUSHOST:8081/#admin/system/api, they performed normally, but it did not work when I called the PUT method, there was a connection reset error. There is no exception log in stay nexus.log and request.log. In fact, there is no log output when the PUT method is called

baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1 PUT http://NEXUSHOST:8081/service/rest/internal/ui/onboarding/change-admin-password net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Uncaught ReferenceError: response is not defined
 at failure (nexus-onboarding-plugin-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)
 at Object.callback (baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)
 at ctor.onComplete (baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)
 at ctor.onStateChange (baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)
 at baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1
 at Object.elevate (baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)
 at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (baseapp-prod.js?_v=3.21.1-01&_e=OSS:1)

Please suggest a way to mitigate the issue, thanks!

Likely this is from a proxy between you and nexus.