Can I pin package version for yum proxy repo?

Before using nexus, I have created local yum repo which all of our servers used. We updated this repo periodically and also only keep packages and their versions which we want to use. e.g. If a package has say 5 version available in public repo, we would on have one which we want in local repo. This way, every time we install this package from any of our machine, it would be same and intended versoin.

Now, I have setup yum proxy repo in Nexus 3. It is working fine, but how can I achieve same behavior. Is there a way to “pin” the package version which was want to use ? If this feature is available in pro offering, I am open to that too.

If you need a specific version of a package, why not just specify this in your yum install?

yum install samba-4.6.2-12


That option was always there, but we chose to have control on repo side rather than on client side. Most of our users (end system users) are devs, QE and support folks, who use these machines. As part of DevOps and SecOps, its upto our team to verify,validate and “certify” all third party packages. That is the reason to pin the version. That way,client side does not need to worry about which version to install and about compatibility and security issues.

Long story short, just looking for any such option, and not changing anything on client side.