Can migration from NXRM windows to NXRM unix (ubuntu) work

Have been running OSS on Windows fine for a while now, but would like to switch to linux for all our in house servers. I have a clean install on linux up and running, and have matched the version (3.11), figuring I would upgrade to latest once migration is complete.

Has anyone done this? Any tricks to look out for? I figured a straight copy of the app and data would cause problems, but that would appear to be the way to get the configuration across…


I have not tried it myself but I think it should work.

  1. Install Nexus on the linux environment.
  2. Take a backup of the database and restore the db over to the new instance. Check below documentation for more information.
    Backup and Restore
  3. Copy the blob stores to the linux installation storage directory and start nexus.

Check if this works for you!


Exact these steps work for me fine when I was testing backups. But it was from linux to windows :slight_smile:

The work directory and blob storage is portable, and can be moved between windows and linux. You may find this article helpful for other considerations to take into account when moving the installation:

re: “Moving a Nexus Repo 3 Installation to a New Location”

  1. Linux to Linux.
    Instructions worked fine Remember to delete the directories mentioned in the article.
    since I used docker containers on both I didn’t deal with the application directory.
  2. Windows to LInux
    I am concerned about
    a. do I really need the application directory?
    b. I am really hoping to just copy the Windows Data Directory into the LInux/docker container Data Directory.

I’ll give it a try. I hope Rich or someone can comment if this will work.
Thanks much!