Can not see pom file in NRM3

I have used nexus artifact uploader in jenkins to upload artifacts . I have used package as build goals and it is successfully uploading my jars into NRM3 but here only I can see jars and metadata.xml files … I can not see any pom file. I have also try deploy as build goals but now I am getting error for 401 Unauthorized error. I cann’t find its solution why getting error when I use deploy but It is uploading jars when I use package in maven build goals.
And why I am only able to see jar and metadata file. Why pom file is missing. I am new and integrating new setup. Please help

401 is a permissions error.
I assume you are not using an administrative account?
If not, you’ll need to ask your admin to grant you permission to see it.

I have done this error with authenticating each repository in settings.xml file. Now It resolves my 401 error. But now I am getting different error which can not connect jira server . I dont need jira now so have commented in pom. But still it is catching jira url and throwing an error

There’s no JIRA integration with NXRM, so this must be something in your build or plugin addon.
I have no idea how to help here=)

Good luck!