Can’t connect to private Azure Artifacts repository, Error 404 using valid credentials

Hi, I am trying to use Nexus as a mirroring server to a Azure artifacts repository, which requires authentication, but I’m not able to achieve this. I tried different things, including using HTTP Auth settings for the proxy, with and without “Enable Cookies” and “Enabled circular redirect”, but I always get an error like:
UNKNOWN - Status code 404 contacting**************/nuget/v3/index.json/Search?$skip=0&$top=80&searchTerm=’’&targetFramework=’’&$filter=IsLatestVersion&includePrerelease=false&semVerLevel=2.0.0&$orderby=Id”

(Note: I can access the Azure repository directly without going to the Nexus proxy, so its not a problem with the Azure respository)

Is this a supported scenario currently? Do I need to configure something else?


@nelsonduvall What URL are you using to connect your client to NXRM?

@jstephens I’m using an URL like http://nexus.domain/repository/nuget-proxy/ where the nuget-proxy is the proxy configured to the Azure repository.

Hi @jstephens , any help with this?