Can´t pull Dockerhub Official Images


i try to pull some Docker Officials Images through a Docker Proxy Repositorie.
Unfortunately i getting a “manifest unknown” message.

Docker Official Images (like redis) don´t have a subfolder in the path…
When i try to load a normal Image (like bitnami/redis) i don´t getting any error message.
Does Nexus has some problems with docker official images?

podman pull nexus-server:port/bitnami/redis
Trying to pull nexus-server:port/bitnami/redis:latest...
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob e4be39700f77 done

podman pull nexus-server:port/redis
Trying to pull nexus-server:port/redis:latest...
Error: initializing source docker://nexus-server:port/redis:latest: reading manifest latest in nexus-server:port/redis: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

So my connection seems to be working correctly. Do you have any idea, what is going wrong?

Greetz, Marcus

If you haven’t double check the Docker Index setting under Steps to Configure a Proxy for Docker Hub

Works like a charm!

Thanks for your fast response!