Cannot pull images from Bitbucket pipeline

I am running the latest nexus 3 repository server (version 3.19.1) with Docker and also using Bitbucket pipelines.

Recently I started having a problem in one of the pipelines on Bitbucket similar to this user here (exact same error):
The ticket referenced suggest a Nexus change that was already fixed in version 3.15, but either way, I am running the latest version (3.19).

Recently I wrote to Bitbucket support and they told me that they had their nodes in their Kubernetes build cluster changed to run with containerd. Hence now containerd creates a request to Nexus to get the image, and I get that error because Nexus is not able to recognize the request from Containerd.

Did anything break from 3.15 to 3.19 or does anyone have a suggestion how can I fix this?