Cannot see Role as "Contained" after using it in LDAP Role mapping


FYI NXRM OSS 3.13.0-01
Also, I’ve set my LDAP User and Group settings to use Dynamic Groups

Not sure if this is a known issue or not, or perhaps I’m doing something wrong:

  • create Nexus role A
  • create External role mapping: LDAP (let’s call it B) for LDAP group “somegroup0” and have role A contained in the mapping

So, at this point, role B (an LDAP mapped role) contains role A (a Nexus role).

  • open role B

Note that the contained roles no longer lists A.

Any help greatly appreciated.



No, this is not a known issue. I suggest opening a bug report at in the “dev - nexus” project so we can help you diagnose what is going wrong.