Cannot Select Built-In Privilege Containing "-*-" for Role

We’ll be evaluating some Nexus Repository Manager features with temporary trial license. The latest version we can use at the moment is 3.21.2-03.

In the Roles administrative interface I’m trying to select two built-in Nexus Repository Manager privileges:


However I’m receiving the following error when I hit save:

Invalid privilege id: nx-repository-view-*-*-*. Only letters, digits, underscores(_), hyphens(-), and dots(.) are allowed and may not start with underscore or dot.

We have another NRM instance with a role already using these same privileges. Only difference is the other instance was upgraded from version 3.14.0-04 to 3.21.2-03.

If I’m not missing anything obvious I’m planning to open a support ticket since I “should” have the option to select a built-in privilege without error.

You are experiencing a bug that made it’s way into that particular version only (NEXUS-23272) and has been already fixed in version 3.22.0. I’d like to highly recommend upgrading to the latest available version.

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