Can't able to login

I have setup Nexus3 on my ubuntu via docker container and I have hosted a docker repo . But I am not able to login to the Nexus Docker repository.
docker login IP_of_nexus_server:port_of_docker_repo

My insecure registries are located at /etc/docker/daemon.json

    "insecure-registries" : [ "public_IP_of_nexus:8000" ]

But when I try to login then it shows following error :
Error response from daemon: Get public_IP_of_nexus:8000/v2/: dial tcp public_IP_of_nexus:8000: connect: connection refused

I have check the logs and it shows :
*SYSTEM - Task ‘Storage facet cleanup’ [] state change RUNNING → WAITING (OK

Hi Manish,

Your error message:

public_IP_of_nexus:8000: connect: connection refused

suggests you haven’t exposed port 8080 on your docker container.

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yes , I already exposed it

any updates regarding this issue? I am also facing the same.

Though, I’m trying to connect via the https, yet the connection gets refused. like the https server in nexus doesn’t get started or so.

I also made sure that the ports are open to outbound connections.

Based on the description of the problem I’d say your request isn’t making it to the nexus instance. Take a look at your request log on the nexus instance and I’d bet you won’t see any requests coming in. If you have a proxy server in between your desktop and the nexus instance it’s probably not configured correctly.