Can't find a recipe

Just started using it, and as title says, I can’t find the composer recipes on Nexus Repository Manager 3.15.

It would be helpful to see the stack trace etc… from this.

A common problem I see, and what I am imagining happened (theory) is you have added composer as a format to Nexus Repository, but done it in a temporary way, and then setup a repo. Once you restart Nexus Repository, that format is vanishing into the ether (it was added temporarily).

You likely need to follow these instructions: GitHub - sonatype-nexus-community/nexus-repository-composer: Composer support for the Nexus Repository Manager (work in progress!)

If you do that, the plugin should be available on startup, and I imagine the missing recipe will go away :slight_smile:

If I’m completely off base, let me know :slight_smile:

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I havent reached it yet. I thought it already had the composer recipe by default, now I’m trying to follow the intructions that you mentioned, but this error keeps going on and I have no ideia what to do. By the way I am running the Nexus Manager on a docker container. The error is the following, when i run ./nexus run:

bash-4.2$ ./opt/sonatype/nexus/bin/nexus run
Nexus data directory already in use: /nexus-data