Can't Log In With New Users

I’ve created a new user and have granted them nx-admin. Initially I was having a more refined set of roles, but was having issues logging in. I thought I’d try seeing if I could log in with the new user by granting them admin privileges. I was still unable to log in. I’ve changed the password a dozen times, but nothing works. Am I missing a step here? Why can’t any new user I create actually log in to the nexus repo? It’s worth noting these are local users.

It doesn’t sound like you’re missing any steps here. Is this a new instance of Repo? Do you already have some other Realms setup (like LDAP)?

Link to the relevant section of the docs in case you just want a sanity check:

This is a brand new installation of Nexus on a new server. LDAP has not been setup up at. But yeah, I looked through those docs as well, and it seems like I’m doing everything correct.

Are there errors in the nexus.log?

There is nothing in the log relating to failure to authenticate. When I log in as the admin, I see the “Created session for user: admin” in the log. But it doesn’t seem to log anything for authentication failing.

I don’t think we’ll be able to solve this on the forum. Open an issue at in the ‘dev - nexus’ project. Go to “support/support zip” in the admin Nexus Repo UI, generate a support zip, and attach it to the issue.