Can't push windows docker image into repository - error 500


We try to push à windows docker image into hosted repository, but it s fail with received unexpected http status : 500 internal server error.

We can push docker linux image into this repository, but it’s a small image

What we see :

  • image size is around 30 Gb
  • during the Push 9Gb layer make many tries to copy
  • i see in the repository blob all layer under 1GB are here but all Layer bigger than 1GB don t appear.
  • into /var/log/nginx/nexus.access.log we see http PATCH with http code 500

Can someone help me to find a way for push docker windows image ?


i see it s a layer upload mistake when i push from windows docker client.

The layer have more GB ans it’s seems the upload of the layer reach a timeout cause it try 5 time to upload and we get in windows event viewer this :

Upload failed, retrying: received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

We get this event 5 time on each try, every 3 minute around